My new bicycles.

When I decided to build myself a new steel bike, all that I was focused on was just that one bike. Making it the way I wanted to make it, finishing it the way I wanted to finish it, building it up with the parts that I wanted. Once the project started, even as I paid a growing number of prototyping and tooling fees, all that I was thinking about was making this one bike. I was anxiously excited to see if building it would be as enjoyable and gratifying as I expected it might.

It was.

This was a good thing, because during the process of getting everything together I’d shared my excitement with a few friends to whom I subsequently committed to build bikes with my remaining prototypical parts. Then, once work was underway, I decided that I also wanted to have a second bike with hydraulic disc brakes which led to additional design and tooling work and expense. You might say that I became a little obsessed.

What’s in a name?

Playing with paint schemes one evening I came to the conclusion that a nameless bike just looked sadly unfinished to me. I wanted my new bike to excite me and call me to ride. Friends have asked, “why not brand this Serotta?” Simply, this project is not a re-boot of Serotta Cycles, it’s just me designing and building a limited number of bikes the way I want to build them. So I sought to latch onto a word or phrase that best expressed my intentions. To no surprise, I found a simple phrase in Italian is just more enjoyable.

A modo mio. My way.Slide2

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Is an amodomio available to purchase?

Yes. But very limited!

As the project got rolling I realized that building a few wasn’t going to be enough to quench my thirst for metal making. I’m having too much fun. So I’m bringing in enough material to make just thirty fillet-brazed bikes and thirty TIG welded bikes. For now, the TIG bikes are welded by Frank Wadelton, with myself adding the bridges, braze-ons, finishing and of course general oversight; while yours truly wields the torch on the oxy-acetylene fillet brazed bikes as well as the elbow grease in finishing. The ravishing, four-color paint work (no decals) is applied by Jane and Carl of Metal Guru based in New Paltz, NY.

By the time you read this, ….slots are filling up!

Will there be more after these?

img_2125I don’t know. This is one of several projects that I will be launching under the Serotta Design Studio umbrella. If it continues to be fun and rewarding it will lead to another bicycle project. Depending on my personal time available, I may or may not have the bandwidth to sign myself up for production duties in future projects.

What kind of bike is the amodomio?

It’s a road cyclist’s modern steel road bike. The design has been updated to deliver that fabulous Serotta Colorado Concept steel ride with today’s preferred component choices. Tire clearance is based on today’s wider and taller sizes and a slightly stiffer cockpit is made to balance the super-stiff crank sets and handlebar stems that are now standard. In the case of the disc brake bikes, the fork, main tubes and chain stays are beefed up to withstand the higher stress loads that come with the new trend in braking.

Is this a gravel-grinder?

No! Nor is this meant to do double duty as a cross bike or touring bike. No bike is fantastic at everything. This bike is designed without compromise, to optimize the 95% of riding that 95% of road cyclists do. As for dirt and gravel, I’ve ridden all of my past road bikes with 20 & 23 tires on dirt and gravel roads without a problem. Amodomio is designed around 25-28 sizes. You don’t need bigger. Just ride it.

The design parameters are decidedly not conceived based on out-of-shape decrepit body types. Focused on a comfort-fit first, these more upright geometries that are now standard on so many ‘road endurance’ bikes just don’t “bring the ride on” in the same way that something a little longer and lower does. Accelerating, descending and just rolling along is just more fun when the proportions are adjusted to optimize these criteria. Now I’m not saying I have the fitness, power or flexibility of a youthful competitive athlete, but I am doing more crunches, planks and stretches while eating just a little less and enjoying the ride much more.


All bikes are made to order, built to the sizing requirements that you or your bike-fitter provide. However, since the design is intended as a fast riding road bike, I reserve the right to build only within certain parameters to ensure the bicycles both look and perform as conceived. This means no significant head tube extensions, no added braze-ons, etc.

Amodomio bicycles are sold as complete bicycles only in four types:

  1. BSB (Ben Serotta Brazed) RB (Rim Brake):
  2. BSB DB : Ben filet-brazed for disc brakes;
  3. FWW RB : Frank welded for rim brakes;
  4. FWW DB : Frank welded for disc brakes

    Color Options:

    1. BSB bicycles are RED.
    2. FWW bicycles can be ordered in Blue or Charcoal.

Equipment Specifications

All bikes are made to order and supplied with full SRAM RED ETAP equipment (disc brake option is with new RED HYDRO), Zipp carbon handlebars and seat post, Zipp SC alloy stem, Fizik Arione (other Fizik profiles can be requested) saddle and Clement LCV tires.

  • The BSB bikes come with ZIPP 202 clincher wheels
  • The FWW is equipped with HED ARDENNES Plus SL wheels.


  • FWW RB $10,000
  • FWW DB $10,500
  • BSB RB $13,000
  • BSB DB $13,500


All orders are 100% prepay.

As they are proprietary, the raw materials are of finite availability. Red Etap was on very short supply last season and its popularity is growing. Etap Hydro is in even higher demand, so we will be purchasing all components or placing them on reserve (if not immediately available) as soon as your order is received.

Delivery Times

Under 8 weeks: I have a few sets of tubing currently available for smaller size rim brake bikes

12-20 weeks: I have tubing arriving in about 8 weeks. So rim brake bikes requiring larger tubing will start to slot in at about 12-16 weeks. Parts are not expected to be a problem at this time.

However, the RED ETAP HYDRO components are not scheduled to arrive until early July. I would expect to have the frames ready to go by the time the components arrive.

Shipping Options:

Bicycles will be shipped from Delmar, NY with 90% assembly unless otherwise requested or can be picked up at our Delmar service center fully assembled, ready to ride.

How do I get my order in?

You can contact me directly with any questions you may have or refer to one of the fine people below.



  • Steven LeBoyer is nearest to me and is the owner of Savile Road, Delmar, NY. Previously, Steven ran the Serotta Bike Fitting Studio.;  +1 518-439-4766


  • Michael Grotz owns Cyclesport in Park Ridge, NJ. The Grotz family business was the first Serotta dealer anywhere and was instrumental in connecting us with the inner circle of the 1970’s inner circle of US cycling. MIke’s passion for cycling and life  is deep in his family DNA and is absolutely contagious.; +1 201-391-5291



  • Adam Kaplan is Chicago-land’s Serotta expert in every sense of the word. +1-312-631-3225 .  Now top man at Get a Grip in Chicago, I first met Adam many years ago when he was an up and coming bike fitter working with Chuck Moore in San Diego… many bikes and many, many, many fittings later, he’s set the high bar in the midwest.


  • Cenna Vaelli of Cenna’s Cycles, Longmont, CO; 303-834-9511; … When I first met Cenna, he owned a great little shop in San Antonio.  He’d already been selling quite a few Serotta’s and I wanted to see what was so special.  Turns out the answer was simple. Cenna.  He is absolutely one of the most un-intimidating, sincere and bike knowledgeable people I know.


  • Paraic McGlynn is founder of Cyclologic in Scottsdale, AZ., and one of the worlds leading bike fit researcher/instructors.  He was also an early, early adopter of the Serotta SizeCycle and our holistic approach to bike fitting.  Brian Eggleston heads client services. ; +1 480 699 5358


  • Chuck Moore, based in San Diego, CA is one of the most experienced Serotta aficionados in the country. .  Many years ago Chuck was responsible for selling many a Serotta in Chicago… until he decided to move to San Diego where he quickly introduced Souther Cal to the Serotta way of fitting and building custom fit bicycles.  Today Chuck can be reached at Cal Coast Bicycles (619) 281-7433 .



  • Phil Cavell and his partner Julian Wall of Cyclefit, London, came to visit Serotta and to attend the Serotta bike fitting school in 2001 and since have led the advance of professional bike fitting throughout Europe. , +44 020 7430 0083


For quick answers to your questions…Please check the FAQ page on this site or feel free to contact any of the knowledgeable folks listed above.

Or, you can contact me directly here.