My aModoMio

When I decided that I needed to build myself a new bike, that’s all I focused on. I wanted to make my one bike, “my way”- a modo mio.

Although aModoMio is largely crafted with steel (the fork and a seat post insert sleeve are carbon fiber), my project was not some “steel is real” retro-driven love affair. It was more of a personal quest—could I re-examine Serotta’s breakthrough design principles and re-imagine, re-design and re-tool them based on the latest alloys and component offerings of today? Could the Serotta secret sauce be incorporated, anew, in the aModoMio?

Secret sauce? Former elite racers and hard-core aficionados keep returning to their now-older Serotta as favorite bikes for a simple set of reasons—the subtle aesthetics and performance qualities that were unique to that legendary brand. With a ride that has been described as equal parts sublime and torrid, its inspiring performance is not really “like” any other bike in any material because no other bicycle is quite “like” a Serotta. Honest.

After many months of effort, thousands of dollars in proprietary tooling and development, careful building, then (most importantly) riding the finished product, I can say with confidence and pride that it was worth the effort.


Now, you can have your own aModoMio, made my way, just for you.


Your aModoMio is a bicycle you can trust.


In the 40+ years I’ve been in this trade—and after thousands of conversations with cycling customers—I’ve come to realize that what most people want from me is a trusted opinion. My cycling opinions are tacitly expressed in the construction and componentry of the aModoMio. Every detail and component has been considered and evaluated—with as much thought devoted to details avoided as to the details applied—so that your purchasing and riding experience will be enjoyable, confidence inspiring, and anxiety free.


What kind of bike is the aModoMio

aModoMio is a modern road bicycle for the way you ride today. It’s designed with a collaborative mindset so that the frameset best highlights component performance, and the component selection best highlights the frameset’s capabilities. And because each aModoMio is made-to-order, the complete machine best highlights the way you ride.

Studio012017961 (1)Endurance bike? Gravel grinder? C’mon, those are names conjured up by an industry hoping to convince you to buy another bike that you don’t need. Unless you are competing in very short distance events, any bike should be capable of being your all-day companion. As for gravel? The aModoMio is engineered to optimize the riding you are likely to do 95% of the time and with a little skill, there’s pretty much no road you can’t ride, including gravel. Just ask Tiffany.

aModoMio Frame & Front Fork 

The frame and fork design has been updated to deliver that famous Serotta Colorado Concept ride with today’s preferred component choices. Tire clearance is based on today’s wider and taller sizes (25, 28 preferred sizing); a slightly stiffer cockpit is made to balance the super-stiff crank sets and handlebar stems that are now standard. If disc brakes have been selected, the fork, main tubes and chain stays are beefed up to withstand the higher stress loads that come with the new trend in braking.

aModoMio geometry

Of course your aModoMio will be fit for you, but my default theme of the fit is meant to highlight the great performance potential that your bike’s technology was designed for. Comfort-fit geometries characterized by shorter reach with higher hand position at the front end have become common on many “road endurance” bikes. But unless you really need to be quite upright, bikes designed that way are just not as exhilarating to ride. I’m not claiming to have the fitness, power, or flexibility of a youthful competitive athlete, but I am doing more crunches, planks, and stretches while eating just a little less and enjoying the ride much more.

Ordering your aModoMio

As someone who values time and the quality of time ahead of just about everything else, my goal is to deliver both a great bicycle and a great purchasing experience.

If at any time you’ve had enough of reading and just want to speak with a live person, you can contact one of our regional specialists listed at the bottom of this page or complete the contact form and we will schedule a call with you!

General Information

Your decision matrix is pretty simple:

  1. TIG welded or Fillet-Brazed
  2. Disc Brake or Rim Brake
  3. Electronic Shifting or Mechanical Shifting
  4. Finish Selection
  5. Delivery Option

Complete Bicycles Start at just below $5400

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For more information

You can contact us directly by completing the form on the contact page or reach out to one of our regional specialists listed below.



  • Steven LeBoyer is nearest to me and is the owner of Savile Road, Delmar, NY. Previously, Steven ran the Serotta Bike Fitting Studio.;  +1 518-439-4766


  • Michael Grotz owns Cyclesport in Park Ridge, NJ. The Grotz family business was the first Serotta dealer anywhere and was instrumental in connecting us with the inner circle of the 1970’s inner circle of US cycling. MIke’s passion for cycling and life  is deep in his family DNA and is absolutely contagious.; +1 201-391-5291



  • Adam Kaplan is Chicago-land’s Serotta expert in every sense of the word. +1-312-631-3225 .  Now top man at Get a Grip in Chicago, I first met Adam many years ago when he was an up and coming bike fitter working with Chuck Moore in San Diego… many bikes and many, many, many fittings later, he’s set the high bar in the midwest.


  • Cenna Vaelli of Cenna’s Cycles, Longmont, CO; 303-834-9511; … When I first met Cenna, he owned a great little shop in San Antonio.  He’d already been selling quite a few Serotta’s and I wanted to see what was so special.  Turns out the answer was simple. Cenna.  He is absolutely one of the most un-intimidating, sincere and bike knowledgeable people I know.


  • Paraic McGlynn is founder of Cyclologic in Scottsdale, AZ., and one of the worlds leading bike fit researcher/instructors.  He was also an early, early adopter of the Serotta SizeCycle and our holistic approach to bike fitting.  Brian Eggleston heads client services. ; +1 480 699 5358


  • Chuck Moore, based in San Diego, CA is one of the most experienced Serotta aficionados in the country. .  Many years ago Chuck was responsible for selling many a Serotta in Chicago… until he decided to move to San Diego where he quickly introduced Souther Cal to the Serotta way of fitting and building custom fit bicycles.  Today Chuck can be reached at Cal Coast Bicycles (619) 281-7433 .



  • Phil Cavell and his partner Julian Wall of Cyclefit, London, came to visit Serotta and to attend the Serotta bike fitting school in 2001 and since have led the advance of professional bike fitting throughout Europe. , +44 020 7430 0083


For quick answers to your questions…Please check the FAQ page on this site or feel free to contact any of the knowledgeable folks listed above.

Or, you can contact me directly here.